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One DVD copy of the film "My Toxic Baby" (includes Canadian shipping and handling).


"My Toxic Baby" Synopsis: From feeding and fussing to poo-poos and boo-boos, new moms and dads have enough to worry about. But with heightened awareness of health risks posed by chemicals used in everyday products, modern parenting is fast becoming a decision-making minefield. Just how far would you go to protect your growing child? As award-winning filmmaker Min Sook Lee discovers in her eye-opening, intimate and wryly funny documentary My Toxic Baby, it’s not so easy going green.


With her baby daughter on her hip, Lee embarks on a determined quest to find simple, sane and affordable ways to reduce toxic threats, spurred to action after news reports of toy recalls and plastic baby bottles leaching bisphenol A fill her head with questions. She takes her own body on a detox journey, looks more closely at everyday products and food she buys and even invites an analyst to measure lead levels in her own home—with startling results.


Along the way Lee meets other dynamic young women finding healthy, eco-friendly alternative ways to raise their children—nursing moms, organic entrepreneurs and even a support group of parents who practice “elimination communication” with their infants, so they can live diaper-free! Persuasive but never preachy, My Toxic Baby looks at how one parent broadens her options to lessen the toxic load. Essential viewing for new and expectant parents.


My Toxic Baby (CAD)

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